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It’s almost as if I lived for a month here…

This is the story of a weak man who joined a terrorist organization.

July 1th, 1996.
He was born into an ordinary family. But his basic abilities were not blessed and were below average in all respects. Though his parents expected his success, he always failed to achieve it. When he wanted to drop college off, his parents already had given up about him.

December 1th, 2015.
It was just another day, when a sudden terrorist attack occur at Bertlett U. He knew about through a TV relay and was glued to it. Then little by little, his curiosity made him act. He searched online for terrorist incidents and successfully contacted people involved in the terrorism. He had several conversations with them online. He was attracted to the organization because the man behind it had a great personality.

February 12th, 2016.
A few months have passed since then. A man invited him to the organization and he readily accepted it. He was convinced that it would be more meaningful than his current life. At last, he runs away from home. He was already in the organization when his family requested a search for their son. But his life in the organization was not particularly satisfying.

◆ These are fan characters in the game. I gave them their own storyline. ◆

Author: mskah (Twitter)

I have their story-line. R in this comic has yet to have a conversation with A once.

E is alone in conversation mostly.

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